Seal of Biliteracy Meetings
Seal of Biliteracy
Posted on 09/17/2019
Seal of Biliteracy Image
For the 3rd year, Portland Public Schools will be providing free testing for students interested in pursuing the Seal of Biliteracy.  
This recognition is now state-wide and Deering High School holds the distinction of having had the most students earn this award at graduation.  (13 students in 2018 and 26 students in 2019). In addition to the recognition, the Seal means that students are eligible for college credits for their language assets.
Our first round of testing will be:
Wed, Oct 16 (after school, location TBD)
Sat. Oct 20 (morning, location TBD)
We encourage Juniors and Seniors who have proficiency in both English and another language to pursue this opportunity. While there is another round of testing in March, we recommend students test in the fall so that they can be prepared for college or job applications.
Interested students should register for the process by joining the google classroom (Code: m3lmh2r -- see posters around school) and completing the registration form online.

Seal of Biliteracy