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26, 2017 - edition XVI

To our Deering School Community:

This is edition I, Vol 2, the first of the academic year 2017-18. If you have some news or notices (or just want to tell us what you think about this update), contact us at . Please write "NEWSLETTER" in the subject line.

In Brief: The Deering High School community begins the new year under the leadership of former Falmouth High School principal Gregg Palmer. Mr. Palmer brings many years of leadership experience, an eagerness to listen to and learn from Deering's faculty, students and administrators, and a creative approach to governance. Welcome, Mr. Palmer! 

Mr. Palmer

Events this week and next



Extra Info

Monday, August 28th 5:30-7 pm
High School

Chromebooks will be distributed after this event


Join the 9th grade Collaborative teachers (aka COT-9), members of the Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO), and administrators for a "Welcome to Deering!" introduction / ice cream social.

Wednesday, August 30th



Breakfast: 7:30 Freshmen : 8:00 am to DC Sophomores : 10:00 to 3rd flr. LUNCH: 10:50-11:10 Juniors, Seniors : 11:15 to DC

Friday, August 17th--Sept. CITY HALL

"Being Muslim and Female in Maine" Photo Exhibit

Photographs of some of Deering's Muslim young women by photographer Catherine Frost. Short narratives written by the girls accompany the photos.

Tuesday, September 5th Room 225

Welcome Freshmen to Deering Players (Drama)

An afternoon of improv games and an intro to Deering's drama club.

Thursday & Friday, September 6 & 7 Room 225 2:30-4:30

Auditions for "A Christmas Carol"

Lots of parts for this play that will run the first two weekends in December. See Ms. Harris, Livi Vail or Cameron Wood for more information.

September 7th, 5:30-7:00 SPACE GALLERY

Panel Discussion: "Being Muslim & Female in Maine"

Four of the Deering students featured in the photo exhibit described above will answer questions posed by a moderator and by the audience.


MEETING: Monday September 11, 6:00-7:30, DHS Library.

SPECIAL GUEST: New Principal Mr. Gregg Palmer. 

The PTO meets the second Monday of every month (second Tuesday when there is a Monday holiday) in the library from 6:00-7:30. Email us at

Deering Boosters Meeting: Wednesday September 13 , 6:30 in room 219. Facebook Page: Deering Consolidated Boosters

To see DHS' informative and u seful schedule of guidance events, go here IMPORTANT BEGINNING OF THE YEAR ANNOUNCEMENTS/REMINDERS:

WINN has moved! : WINN has been moved to AFTER BLOCK 3; this will allow more students to access this time for help or to participate in enrichment activities (e.g., Independent Studies, chorus)

Chorus Independent Study: D eering' s new music teacher, Mr. Peter Stickley, would like parents to know that because not all students can fit chorus into their regular schedule, it will be offered as an independent study twice a week. Students should see their guidance counselor if interested.

Change in Guidance Department: Guidance Counselors will now work with students on their caseload for ALL FOUR YEARS of the student's time at Deering. Assignments have been made according to first letter of the student's last name, as follows:

A-E Ms. Tracey Moore F-I Ms. Marisa Polk J-N Mr. Farausi Cherry M-Z Ms. Libby Heselton