2017 Breccia is out for purchase!
Deering Breccia
Posted on 06/07/2017
Deering Breccia Cover
Looking to buy a graduation gift?

Look no further! For just $7, you can get your own copy of Breccia! Breccia makes an excellent graduation or retirement gift, too. Just see Mrs. Genre in room 216 to purchase your copy (or to pick up if you pre-ordered).
The following students' work is printed in this year's edition:
Writing: Alexandra Armstrong, Joel Kahn, Will Mathis, Mohammed Shati, Trevor York, Alexus Valeriani, Emily McKeen, Johanna Canter, Dahliya Tucker, Fuad Umer, Brianna McCann, Gabriel M'bambi, Ines Ngoga, Sophia Borie, and Husna Quinn (Munezero).
Art: Avery Donovan (cover, below), Arlo Farr-Weinfeld, Sabirin Yusuf, Brianna McCann, Elizabeth Sevigny, Lily Biacho/Abdiaziz Hassan/Domingas Nzuzi, Grace Connolly, Abby Ramirez, Kenia Lopez-Salazar, Emma Alcorn, Alex Fitzgerald, and Dahlia Howe.
If you've never thumbed through a Breccia before, I think you would be surprised and pleased by the work therein. Treat yourself!
The Breccia kids (Eilish Carpenter, Joel Kahn, Emma Alcorn, Fadumo Adan, Cat Bernier, Cassidy Bigelman, Johanna Canter, Alexandra Green, Austin Hollifield-Nauta, Brianna McCann, Will Mathis, Husna Quinn, Janessa Roberts, Isadora Serrano, Elizabeth Sevigny, Chris Sheehy, Claire Sheehy, Philip Tran, Arlo Farr-Weinfeld, and Trevor York) have worked VERY HARD to get this out in time for graduation! It's the first time I've seen it happen since I've started advising this group. Joel and Eilish were particularly crucial in finishing things up!
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