Hybrid Model Changes & Power Outage Plan
Updates to DHS Hybrid Plan & Plans In Case of Power Outages
Posted on 11/30/2020

Deering’s “Enhanced Learning Center” Plan

At Deering, we have worked over the past week to reach every family of 10th, 11th, and 12th graders to make a plan for how your student can optimize our Learning Center hours.  We understand that some students need to be fully remote and access support that way, and some students are doing well accessing the Learning Center as needed.  We also recognize that some students can benefit from a consistent schedule that builds in more in-person support.  Please reach out to your student’s advisor if you have not already spoken to make a plan that is best for your child.  As always, contact Ms. Dame or Dr. Ahmed if we can help.

Given that Deering was not planning to bring back more students to in-person “classes,” Superintendent Botana’s recent announcement about the cancellation of increased in-person time does not affect our plans at Deering.

Changes to the Remote Advisory Schedule

Beginning this week, Remote Advisory for 10th, 11th, and 12th grades will be Wednesday mornings from 9:30 am to 10:10 am.  There are no changes to 9th-grade advisory times or in-person advisory days.  See the updated schedule here.

We hope this change will give students a chance to check in and create plans as needed for how to best use Wednesdays to meet their academic goals.  It also opens up more time in the other afternoons for teachers and students to meet in Learning Center sessions.  Thank you for your patience as we continue to tune our plan.

The Plan for “Storm Days”

We are sure you heard about the predicted weather for tonight and tomorrow. 

There might be power and internet outages. There are three possible outcomes if a storm disrupts power in our district.

  • If more than a quarter of the City of Portland is without electricity, the Superintendent, Mr. Botana will announce school cancellation. 
  • If Deering is without power, but more than 25% of the city has power, you will hear directly from the Deering administration in the morning. In that case, the in-person ninth-grade cohort and any other students who were supposed to attend classes in-person that day will instead will work on their school-work remotely. In case their teacher(s) lose electricity at their house and can not teach live lessons, students may have access to asynchronous school-work. Ninth-grade students who would have had a remote learning day will proceed as they normally would.  For parents, if your household does not have electricity, please reach out to the teachers of your child when you can.  Students are allowed to make up the work they missed due to power and internet outages.
  • If Deering has power and more than 25% of the city has power, all Deering programming will continue as normal.  If you do not hear anything, you can assume this is the case.  We encourage families without power to book Learning Center sessions on these days if you’d like to use the school’s power in the afternoon to make up for work.  Call the school if you are not able to book online.

In the event that Deering is holding school, we expect that some of our remote teachers will be without power.  Please be patient with teachers who need to post work asynchronously due to their own power issues.  

Please reach out with any questions as we continue to get through this most challenging year together.  More than ever, families and schools are partners in helping our children learn, and we appreciate Deering families’ cooperation and understanding.