Deering Summer Reading Program
Summer Reading Program at Deering!
Posted on 06/14/2021
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Why Read?

  • Reading ”helps [teens] develop stronger social skills, vocabulary and writing skills, and helps them to better understand and process more complex ideas. Reading also expands their ability to build knowledge overall – not just in subjects like English and language arts.”
  • Reading builds empathy; it is an “exercise in perspective-taking . . . like a training course in understanding others.”-BBC
  • Reading makes you a more creative thinker and an innovative problem solver. (The people working at Apple, Microsoft, Google, who are “inventing the future” read science fiction.)--The Guardian

What's the assignment?

  • Record the books you’ve read this summer on this document. (Make a copy for yourself.)
  • Attend a book group (See the next slides for each book group option. Click on the book cover image to listen to or read a review.) You can attend more than one book group discussion. Take this survey to sign up. 
  • If you are an honors or AP student, we are highly encouraging you to attend one or more of the Zoom book group sessions to prepare you for class next year. AP Language students also have this assignment
  • Not sure what to read? Check out our other book ideas in the slideshow. Don’t have access to books right now? Check out our other suggestions in the slideshow.

How do I prepare for the book group discussions?

  • Notes are always encouraged, but are NOT required. You might choose to mark favorite, surprising, or difficult passages in your book(s) with sticky notes. 
  • Here’s a list of questions that you might consider before, during and after reading your chosen book(s). 
  • There will only be one Zoom session held for each book at the end of August with the teachers listed, but you can always have a practice session with friends who are reading the same book. 
  • Just breathe. Your teachers want you to have an enjoyable experience reading and discussing a book this summer. Your English teacher will ask about your summer reading at the start of the year, but this assignment will not negatively impact your grade.