Advisory Schedule Changes
Advisory Schedule Changes
Posted on 11/27/2020
Remote Advisory 10-12 WednesdaysNew Schedule Change!
Remote Advisory for 10,11,12 Every Wednesday from 9:30 to 10:10 A.M.

Juniors are in person on Monday and remote on Wednesday. Seniors are in person on Friday and remote on Wednesday.


What is Learning Center and how can students use it?

During Learning Center, students may:

  • Get extra support in a class.

  • Take a test, retake a summative, or participate in a lab.

  • Do an extension activity in one of their courses.

  • Participate in a club or co-curricular activity.

  • Meet with their peer mentor or mentee as part of Deering’s Mentoring Program.

  • Participate in an ELO (extended learning opportunity).

Some tips:

  • Teachers and students use the WinnME app ( to book appointments.

  • Connect with your advisor for help scheduling.

  • For the many students who benefit from a routine, consider sticking to the same LC appointments each week.  Parents, teachers, and advisors can work with students to help them develop a stable schedule.