Ambassador to Somalia Speaks to Deering

On April 6th, 2017, Stephen Schwartz, the United States' first ambassador to the African nation of Somalia in twenty-five years, visited Deering High School. During his visit, Mr. Schwartz took part in a student-moderated Q & A session.

Thank you to Ms. Shmitt and Mr. Waltz for promoting our mission and our work at Deering.  Thank you to Dr. Ahmed for making it happen.  Thank you to Ms. Romano for prepping us with resources and materials!  Thank you to Ms. Platt and her Human Rights class for your questions and to our student moderators, Deeqa and Amran!  Thank you Mr. Kennedy for the professional caliber lighting and audio!
The take aways for me from Ambassador Stephen Schwartz were:
"If your students take your guiding principles seriously (the 4 Domains of Global Competence), they will be way ahead of the game!
"Just as the military needs arms and ammunition, WORDS are weapons in the field of diplomacy".
"To be successful in the Foreign Service (Take Action), learn how others think, what they value (Recognize Perspectives), know how to write persuasive, grammatically correct English  (Communicate Ideas) and know everything there is to know about the United States, our history, who we are and where our interests overlap with others' (Investigate the World).
Global is Good!
~Carlos Gomez

US Ambassador at Deering High

MrWaltz and US Ambassador