Course Selection

Except in special circumstances, students at Deering are allowed to choose which courses they want to take in order to meet credit requirements. Students need 21 units of proficiency (or 41 credits) in order to graduate with a Deering High School diploma, and the credits must be in certain areas. 
grad requirements

As you choose your courses, you should make sure you're thinking about your goals for high school and the future. Here are some suggestions:

  • Challenge yourself. Use high school as an opportunity to discover how much you are capable of accomplishing.
  • Consider the grades you have earned in the past. Some courses build upon the knowledge or skills you have acquired in previous work (prerequisites), while other courses build upon knowledge in related subjects. For example, Physics requires math proficiency and Chemistry requires the prerequisites of Earth Science and Biology. 
  • Consider the things that interest you and take courses that will help you increase your knowledge in your area of interest.
  • Discuss possible courses with your parents, teachers, school counselor, advisor, and peers.
  • Be certain that you select courses to meet the DHS high school graduation requirements, as well as courses that support and develop your individual interests.

Remember, the more planning and thought you give to course selection, the more meaningful your high school experience will be.

You can check your progress towards meeting graduation requirements, as well as learn how to put in course requests by viewing this slideshow

Choosing Core Courses

Core courses are English, Math, Science, and Social Studies. You must take an English course every year, and have at least 3 each of math, science, and social studies classes. Take a look at the image below to see the course plan for each of the four core subject areas.
List of courses in wheel form

course paths graphic

Creating your Course Plan

You should work with your counselor to create your course plan in Infinite Campus. Then you can look at what you've already done and see what you have planned for the next years. You can also plan out what you want to take on pen and paper. 

To look at your plan, log in to your Student Portal and click on Academic Plan. Then hit next. You'll be able to see your progress towards graduation.
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