Clubs & Activities
We have a wide variety of clubs and co-curricular activities at Deering. For more information about a particular club, you can reach out to the advisor, or check out one of the club websites. 

Clubs & Co-Curricular Activities 2020-2021

 Club/Co-Curricular Activity

Faculty Advisor


Anime/Webtoon Ms. Noor  Email
Black Student Union Mr. Cherry & Ms. Noor  Email
Breccia (Literary Magazine) Ms. Menard  Email
Chess Club Mr. Borland  Email
Contemporary Ensemble Dr. Giddings  Email
Debate Team Ms. Callaghan & Ms. Simonis  Email
Deering Mentoring Mr. Chatterjee  Reference Desk.png
Drama Club Mr. Chard & Ms. Serway  Theatre Masks.png
Environmental Club Ms. Bursk  Email
Film Club Mr. Williams  Email
French Conversation Club Mr. Kanamugire  Email
Girls Who Code Ms. Shibles  Email
GSA (Gender Sexuality Alliance) Ms. Weyl and Ms. Eiferman  Email
Key Club Ms. Shibles & Ms. York  Email
Kindred Spirits Mr. Carroll  Email
Math Team Ms. Boudreau  Email
Model UN Ms Otunno & Ms. Bright  Email
Music - Band/Chorus & Handbells Dr. Giddings  Email
Muslim Student Association Ms. Costello  Email
Natural Helpers Ms. McStay  Email
NHS (National Honor Society) Mr. Gordon  Email
Outdoors Club Mr. Borland  Email
Photography Club Mr. Lawless  Email
President's Club Ms. Sawyer & Ms. Bright  Email
Project Graduation Mr. Cherry  Email
Seeds of Peace Ms. Bright  Email
Sisterhood Ms. McStay & Ms. Otunno  Email
Social Media Team Ms. Bright  Email
Spanish Conversation Club Ms. Eiferman & Ms. Callaghan  Email
Student Government/Senate Ms. Sawyer & Ms. Bright  Gov Building Symbol.png
Student Equity Leadership Team Mr. Chatterjee  Email
Student Wellness Team Ms. Nightingale  Email
Teach Portland Coordinator Ms. Hall  Email
Teen Trendsetters Mr. Cherry  Email
Yearbook - "Amethyst" Mr. Lawless  Email