Freshmen Class Advisors: Helen Bright

This page is designed for Deering's Freshmen Class. Starting in the Fall of 2015, this site will be the go to spot for information,resources and news. The daily schedule also changes with each day. Feel free to return to check the daily schedule.

This year the freshman class is a great group of about 25 students. We have been working diligently to raise money for the class of 2019. We meet every Wednesday and ocassional Fridays in task groups in room 212. Our advisor is a COT-9 freshman social studies teacher, Helen Bright.

This year we have sold class t-shirts, we did a bottle drive where we collected bottles from businesses every week and we did a matchmaker survey for Valentine's Day.

We plan on doing many more surveys before the year ends in order to develop a strong community and in preparation for a wonderful prom junior year.

We welcome your feedback our the new site: Click Here.

Freshmen Goals & Accomplishments

Freshmen Class Officers: