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Preseason Schedule 

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Student Athletes must have proof of a physical no more than 2 years old & register with Family ID before preseason starts.

Spring Schedules 

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You will find Co-Curricular Handbook and Permission slip under related documents 



  You can find a list of Sports offered at Deering under related documents

Emails for  Deering Spring Coaches:

Aimee Burgos Girls Lacrosse burgsa@portlandschools.org
Kevin Campbell Girls Outdoor Track kevinc@maine.rr.com
John Coyne Softball jcoyne001@maine.rr.com
Stephanie Doane Girls Tennis doanes@portlandschools.org
Jon Dubois Boys Lacrosse jonathan_dubois16@yahoo.com
Regina Morton Boys Tennis mortor@portlandschools.org
Gerry Myatt Boys Outdoor Track myattg@portlandschools.org
Josh Stowell Baseball coachstowell@gmail.com


Teacher Grade Updates Eligibility ON
Grade Check
August n/a 19th 4th Q Final
September 2nd 16th 30th 16th
October 14th 28th 14th
November 11th 25th 11th
December 9th 23rd 16th ******
January 6th 20th 6th
February 3rd 17th 3rd
March 3rd 17th 31st 17th
April 14th 28th 14th
May 12th 26th 12th
June 9th 23rd 9th
Fall Season August 15-November 7
First Quarter August 31 - November 4
Winter Season November 21 - February 25
Second Quarter November7 -January 20
Spring Season
Third Quarter Jan 23 - March 31
Fourth Quarter April 3 - Jun

Athletic Director:   Mel Craig craigm@portlandschools.org

Admin. Assistant: Gloria Miller milleg@portlandschools.org

Athletic Trainer:    Greg Tosi tosig@portlandschools.org