Welcome to Deering High School's PTO!

Barbara Dunham and Isabelle Weyl are our volunteer school liaisons.

Our PTO meetings are on the second Monday of every month in the Deering High School library from 6:30-7:30. The library is located on the third floor. There is always ample parking and elevator access, if needed. These are the remaining meeting dates for this school year:

December 12,2016 6:30- 7:30 in the Library

January 9,2017      6:30- 7:30 in the Library

February 13, 2017   6:30- 7:30 in the Library

March 13, 2017       6:30- 7:30 in the Library

April   13, 2017       6:30- 7:30 in the Library

May 8, 2017            6:30- 7:30 in the Library

Please join us as we collaborate with Portland Empowered, Riverton Community, Eben Hill Neighborhood, and other community groups to bring together parents, guardians, and educators for the benefit of our students.

The following is a blog from one of our PTO parents:

March Parent/Teacher Organization Update
by Nicole Mokeme, Deering Parent

Parents and guardians alike!

Hey there! My name is Nicole Mokeme. I am the bonus mother of Deering High junior, Deaja Tucker. I am excited to share my first PTO experience with you. Deering High School hosts PTO meetings every second Monday of the month from 6:30-7:30pm in the Library, which is on the 3rd floor of Deering High School.

I attended my first meeting on March 7th. The principal, assistant principal, a few staff members, a representative from Portland Empowered, and a few other parents were present. What a wonderful opportunity it was to openly discuss the importance of parent participation for the advancement of our children!

We talked about ways to make information about student achievement during and after high school accessible to all parents and students. We also discussed ways to continue building community among Deering High parents. It is said that student achievement increases when parents are involved in the school. I totally agree!

We closed the meeting with two ideas for keeping the momentum growing. The first idea was the development of a team of parent "ambassadors" who are willing connect with staff, students and other parents to ensure that students and parents are seen, heard and receive the information needed to help students grow. As we continue to build this community for the benefit of our children's future, we want to see more of you!

The second idea we came up with is a community dinner. We are hoping to hold a "Bring Your Family to Dinner" gathering sometime in May. This gathering would be all about community building, connection, and planning effective action steps for the future. We're hoping to do it potluck style so, start planning to bring your favorite dish and stay tuned for a date!

We won't always find the time to build this community but we can surely MAKE TIME.

It's up to us! Our next PTO meeting is Monday, April 11th. All parents are welcome! We hope to see you there.