Class Levels Page
Use the subpages here to access Deering Coaching information and any other pertinent grade-level resource for freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

 Student Body President

Husna Munezero

Pam Bessey Advisor

Leads weekly president council meetings 

7:30 am Mondays room 214 

 presidents from each class senate attend

other student group representatives welcome Elected by the student body in May

Student Representative to School Board

Saharla Farah

Attends weekly School Board Meetings

Reports at President Council Meetings

Elected by student body in November

Senior Class Presidents

Sultan Ahmed and Fadumo Adan

Farausi Cherry and Kaitlyn Stefanski Advisors

Lead senior senate meetings WINN Tuesdays

Elected by class vote in May

Junior ClassPresidents 

Elliott Weeks and Dela Bernard

Helen Sturgis Bright and Stephen Adams Advisors

Lead junior senate meetings -7:30am Wednesdays room 212

Elected by class vote in May

Sophomore Class Presidents

Livia Serrapa and Sahar Habibzai

Tim Eisenhart and Rob Carroll Advisors

Lead sophomore senate meetings 7:30am Wednesdays room 208

Elected by class vote in May

Freshmen Class Presidents

Aidan Sullivan and Brigid Amato

Heather Sawyer Advisor

Lead freshmen senate meetings- days to be determined

Class Senators -

Any student from the class who wants to participate in student government may attend weekly senate meetings. Must commit to participation

 2016-17 school year presidents recruited students from DC's to have representation from each DC on class senates


Elected by class vote in September