Social Studies


Thesocial studies curriculum is designed to foster a spirit of inquiry inour students as well as help them develop into citizens who will benefitthe community. Through a study of the important ideas, institutions,and individuals that have shaped us as a people and the political,social, and economic forces that affect us today, students will gain theknowledge and skills necessary to lead informed and productive lives.

Insocial studies courses, students will read actively; write to explain,analyze, persuade, and engage; and evaluate data critically for content,source, and relevance. Students will also work towards understandingand participating in the democratic process; acting with respect for thevaried cultures and viewpoints of our community; and displayingawareness of local and global civic issues.

Students will fulfillthe graduation requirements in Social Studies by completing thefollowing three core courses: World Civilizations, Early United StatesHistory,and The United States and the Modern Word.

Synopsis:These are student created video trailers about historic Supreme Courtcases for the Meridian Stories project.  They were made by DeeringHistory and Street Law classes. They took first and second place in thecompetition.


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Cluster Coordinator

Hon. Early U.S. History

College Early U.S. History


Jana Boody Billings

Honors Early U.S. History

College Early U.S. History

Global Issues

Kirsten Platt


Human Rights

US & Modern World

Global Issues

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AP Psychology


Global Issues

Andrew Gordon Image of Andrew Gordon

US & Modern World

AP U.S. History

Modern World History

Helen Sturgis-Bright

Honors World Civilizations

World Civilizations

Global Issues 

Scott Lawless Image of Scott Lawless

US & Modern World

Street Law

Gerry Myatt Image of Gerry Myatt

World Civilizations

Early U. S. History

Peter Stickney

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Kathryn Robertson

Art I

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