Work Permits

How to Get a Work Permit

You need a work permit if you are 15 years old or younger and have a job during the school year. Follow the steps below in order to acquire a work permit you will provide to your employer.

Steps for getting a worker's permit:

  1. Find a job you are interested in! Go on the interview, and if they say they will hire you if you have a work permit, you now have the "promise of a job." Now is when you should start the process to get a work permit.
  2. Get the worker's permit packet from the Guidance Office or by downloading it here. Not only does it contain the state specific form that will become your work permit, it also has our district specific form that we need to complete in order to have the Superintendent sign it.
  3. Complete the packet.
  4. Take the completed packet (with parent signature, minus superintendent signature), to the District Office WITH proof of age (birth certificate or passport). Call them first to let them know you are coming.
  5. The District Office will review the form, have the Superintendent sign it if appropriate, and submit the form to the state for processing.
  6. The state reviews it and assigns it a worker's permit number if it's approved.
  7. The form is returned to you, usually digitally. 
The process can take up to 4 weeks for processing once it is received by the district office, depending on seasonal demand. Make sure you communicate with your potential employer as you wait for your permit to come back! 

Student Work Permit.pdf