The Awesome Project - Emmanuel Saili
The Awesome Project - Emmanuel Saili
Posted on 03/12/2021
Awesome Project AnnouncementWe’ve started a new project to highlight the amazing things Deering students are doing and all the ways they are contributing to our community.

Our first Awesome Project post highlights Emmanuel Saili, who is not only an outstanding student (he is eligible for the National Honor Society this year!), but is also a compassionate and dedicated member of his local community.  
Emmanuel at the Portland House of Prayer
Over the summer, Emmanuel was attending Sunday services at the Portland House of Prayer when he discovered a group cooking in the kitchen. After discovering they were making food to help feed Portland's homeless population, he quickly became involved. 

He has helped pass out donations of clothing and supplies, and enjoys cooking chop suey, pizza, and sandwiches. His favorite part of volunteering is the friends he has made and how appreciative everyone is of the food and donations. 

Emmanuel in the kitchen
If you have something you want to share, email me at You can also nominate your friends if they have done something you think is awesome. I might reach out and ask you questions about what you did and ask you for a picture. Then, you could be featured in the school newsletter and on the website!