This Week in Deering Athletics
Athletics Weekly Update
Posted on 02/24/2020
Boys Basketball
I hope this note finds you and yours healthy, safe and enjoying the new remote learning adventure we are on. Thinking of you all and sending positive Ram Nation vibes your way! Oh and thank you for all you do and are doing during this challenging time to continue to teach, support and connect with our DHS students. I must say as this has all come together the past two weeks through amazing teamwork, perseverance and ingenuity, I am exceedingly proud to be your colleague and part of the PPS family. You are amazing. Keep up the great work for our students and families, and thank you!

So I wanted to provide a quick This Week in Deering Athletics/Activities update, yes at the end of the week, as we are all settling into this new normal a bit… Here goes:

Maine H.S. (and DHS) Spring Sports are scheduled to restart on April 27th, when we return to school (as of today’s plan). This is obviously very fluid, so we will take guidance from the MPA and Superintendents. The MPA Spring Sports Committee and select ADs are meeting TODAY to discuss a tentative plan for restarting spring sports. They are also discussing the possibility of spring coaches being able to set up their own GOOGLE TEAM CLASSROOMS so they can interact with their players and provide workouts, tips and guidance heading into what will be a unique spring season for us all. I am sure we will hear more VERY soon from the MPA, the State and the Superintendents.

Winter Sports Awards for DHS will be announced soon… stay tuned as we hope to hold a remote ceremony at DHS and stream it live on YouTube.

DHS Athletic Facilities are closed per the City. City parks and trails remain open, and dog-walking and outdoor exercise are still permitted, although the city is urging people to stay away from municipal playgrounds and fields to avoid gatherings of people. Here’s the release from the City - This order is in place until next Monday when the City Council will review next steps. *NOTE - We have had MANY reports of large gatherings of neighborhood kids/PPS students/alums/college students gathering on our DHS fields to play sports. This is very concerning given the current state of the world and this health crisis. The City and the Superintendent have been informed of all incidents and this was/is being addressed with the help of the City Parks staff, the PPD and DHS staff. Officer Black is also helping to keep an eye on any large gatherings at Deering to help break them up. We remain vigilant and will work with Officer Black, DHS Admin, PPS CO and the City to continue to monitor our facilities/fields and to keep DHS, our students, staff, and our community safe. 

"The Rams Den" DHS Remote Workouts & Fitness G-Classroom (Email to get code) is now open! You are all invited to join and we do not take attendance or have mid-terms. So far, we have 3 topic areas (under classwork link), which include TOSI’s (daily) Fitness Tips, Yoga & Stretching and an uplifting Character Ed Class: Kindness 101 (*if you are in need of some RAM-spiration, which I think we all could use right now). This G-class is open to all DHS Students, faculty and staff. Greg Tosi and I will be posting daily workouts/fitness tips and MUCH MORE. We hope to start some fun fitness contests & hope you enjoy it. Let’s get moving! ...AND we hope to add MORE content from our fabulous and fit/active DHS staff, so feel free to share!!!! In particular, staff and students have been asking for STRETCHING routines and YOGA classes to help them de-stress and unwind from so much computer/desk/screen time. We may add a MEDITATION section/resource too. Questions, suggestions or ideas are welcome to help enhance this G-Classroom experience for all! We will be promoting this on social media and in our school Zoom call today with students too. (Lizzie, might be good to incorporate a topic/material from you in this area if you like??).