Deering High School’s Student Government presents its first annual 

Silent Auction

Saturday, November 16th from 4pm-7pm at the Woodford’s Club

Admission is $5

Tickets available from senate members, Eventbrite, or at the door

The auction will feature appetizers, entertainment, $1 raffles, $5 raffles, and auction items

Our top items will also go up for auction on Wednesday 11/13 

Cinemagic, Rwanda Bean, & Magnolia Home GIFT Baskets- - Red Sox & Nutcracker Tickets


Stay updated through the auction’s facebook page

$1 raffle tickets will be available for sale to staff and students next week Enter to win:

$10 Mister Bagel

$20 Buffalo WIld Wings

$25 Cape Whoopie Pies

$25 Gelato Fiasco

Hand-made bracelet

Knitted DHS hat

Art Supplies Basket

Baked Goods Basket

Ice Cream Basket

Set of Moscow Mule Glasses

Student Artwork

                  DHS Stamped Washer Bracelet