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Free SAT Prep
Posted on 09/15/2018
SAT Prep
Let's Get Ready (LGR) is offering a FREE, yes FREE 9-week SAT Prep program at Deering High, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, Sept. 25-November 29, from 5:00-8: 00 pm.  LGR particularly wants to encourage low income and/or first-generation college students to take advantage of these SAT Prep classes; however, ALL students are welcome to enroll.  In order for students to get maximum benefits for increased SAT scores, they need to be able to commit to the majority of the classes.  
Here is a PDF Poster with all the info including who to contact for more information as well as the details of what will be covered in the classes.  In addition to SAT Prep, students who take the full course will have continued assistance with college applications and financial aid when it is all over.  
Thanks so much for publicizing this FREE class to improve the SAT scores of DHS students!