Summer Up STEAM Camp
Texas Instruments Funded STEM Camp for Portland Schools
Posted on 06/18/2018
Texas InstrumentsThe Portland Public School District Presents:


Summer STEAM camp is free of charge this summer to rising 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th
graders, thanks to a grant from Texas Instruments. All courses run from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm at

Deering High School. Please follow this link to register by June 22:

Questions? Contact Pamela Otunnu at

STEAM of Floral Design
June 25­June 29

This course will explore the modern technologies used to process, transport, and preserve cut
flowers on a large scale. Students will study nature’s perfect design ratio and how this applies to
floral design. They will design and create challenging arrangements in various size containers,
arrangements that mimic objects in nature and our final day will commence will a massive
engineered arrangement that defines the laws of physics.
Day 1­ Process flowers that we will work with for the week. Learn about cut flower care and
discuss the path they took to arrive at our doorstep.
Day 2­ Color and Texture­We will discuss and practice color composition, shape, and form of
Day 3­ Shapes in nature. Each student or group of students will pick a shape in nature and
construct an arrangement that mimics it through the use of color, texture, and flower shape. We
will explore the various tools of the trade that allows us to manipulate the flowers.
Day 4 Fibonacci Sequence. We will learn what this is and how it is incorporated in floral design.
We will begin to sketch and mock up our large­scale mega design.
Day 5­ It’s building day, time to construct and critique our mega design.

Cities of the Future

Camp Module Number One
June 27, 2018­ July 6, 2018

July 4th is a holiday and the school will be closed.

Camp Module Number Two
July 9, 2018­ July 13, 2018

Diversity is what makes these cities thrive! STEAM Camp
The Fourth Industrial Revolution is Coming. Are You Ready?
Let’s make something.
Materials we will use:
foam core, rulers, pencils, graph paper, Xacto knives, cutting boards, glue, pens to add detail,
and creativity
In this camp you will explore the importance of civil society, being social, options around
housing, commercial/retail space, educational and recreational opportunities, production and
consumption of energy­pollution­ and water, how careers of the future may be different,
urban­suburban­and rural development and planning, personal­public­and commercial
transportation, and most importantly the ideas that you have about what it will take to Plan
Future Cities that thrive.
What matters to you?
What are you passionate about creating in your future city?
Please bring your ideas and passion to create.
Day One of each module:
We will start with introductions, explore materials for building, intermittently watch short videos
to learn about what’s happening presently, create a question bank, brainstorm, and start the
design process. The scale of each model will be determined by individual campers or groups of
campers, and scale is the one criteria that will be assessed for consistency.