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Voices of Inclusivity: Meet the Multilingual Administrative Assistants of Deering High School

If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of meeting the administrative assistants at Deering High School, allow us to introduce them. Our “A-Team” plays an integral role in supporting the administration, staff, students and their families in myriad ways, ensuring the smooth functioning of our school community.

Liana Littig (Lead Administrative Assistant III), fluent in Portuguese and Spanish, serves as a crucial link in communication with Portuguese-Spanish-speaking households, fostering inclusivity and accessibility. Reflecting on her role, Liana shares, “I've been with Deering for over 20 years. My son graduated from Deering because I trust the education he received. Being able to speak to students and families in their native Spanish and Portuguese brings them into the fold. They know they're welcome and safe here, and that brings me pride.”

Liz Davenport (Guidance Administrative Assistant + Communications Coordinator), a Mexican-American proficient in both English and Spanish, brings over two decades of experience working with the public to her role at Deering High School. She remarks, “High School is a rough time for many, and staff show up day after day to encourage personal growth and academic education. It’s amazing to be a part of this team. I am encouraged by what I see on a daily basis. There are good things happening at Deering, and I’m lucky to be a support to help make those good moments happen.”

Anais Aguirre (Athletics Administrative Assistant), a proud Texan of Mexican descent, reflects on her gratitude for being part of the DHS team, stating, “This is my first year working at Deering, however I have coached here for four years.  I like being at Deering because students and staff are genuine and like a family.”

Completing our quartet is Karen Gonzalez Aguilar (Main Office Administrative Assistant + Activities Account Manager), hailing from Colombia and proficient in both Spanish and English. “I am Grateful beyond words to be part of the DHS team! Being a  Latina and an immigrant working in this environment allows me to support the school community while also developing my career at Deering. It's a privilege to be part of a place where diversity is celebrated and everyone is valued. I look forward to continuing to learn and grow alongside my colleagues and the DHS community.”

As far as we know, our team stands as the only four administrative assistants representing the Americas in Maine schools, forming an all-English, Portuguese, and Spanish-speaking supportive team. Together, our diverse team embodies the spirit of inclusivity and cultural diversity while serving the Deering High School community. Our collective expertise ensures that every member of our school community feels valued, supported, and empowered to participate in Deering life.