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Triumphant Trip: Deering High Senior Awarded 2024 MPA Principal’s Honor

Trip Marston, a senior, was honored with the 2024 Principal’s Award by Assistant Principal Halima Noor. This award signifies recognition of Trip’s outstanding academic achievements and citizenship. 

Assistant Principal Halima Noor expressed her delight in honoring Trip Marston, stating, "I am immensely pleased and proud to honor Trip as the 2024 MPA Principal's Award. When I think about who truly embodies the vibrant spirit and essence of Deering, Trip immediately comes to mind. From leading spirited chants at games to waving the Deering flag with unmatched enthusiasm, Trip has a knack for lighting up our school and making everyone feel proud to be part of our community. Trip isn't just a powerhouse of school spirit; he's also an incredible leader on the basketball court. As his Assistant Principal, I've enjoyed seeing Trip's leadership skills in action. And let me tell you, it's about more than just three-pointers and winning games with Trip. He's also a fantastic mentor to our younger basketball players. I've seen him take the time to check in on his teammates, reminding them of the importance of being in school and earning good grades. At Deering, our school motto is #LEARNINGTOGETHER, and Trip reminds his fellow teammates that it's through teamwork, respect, and kindness to one another that creates an atmosphere where they can push one another to thrive academically as well as athletically! Off the court, I have observed Trip patiently and skillfully teaching his classmates complex statistical concepts with warmth and humor, fostering an environment of understanding and camaraderie. Trip's leadership style is understated yet impactful; he never seeks recognition or praise for his efforts, as leadership for him is not a role but an intrinsic part of his character. Furthermore, Trip's teachers have consistently praised his exceptional interpersonal skills, noting his ability to engage and communicate effectively with anyone he encounters--a difficult skill to master at such a young age! His natural aptitude for leadership and his genuine kindness make him stand out as a remarkable individual with boundless potential. I have no doubt that Trip's future is incredibly bright, and I envision him one day assuming roles as a CEO, Superintendent, or even President. It is clear that Trip is not only deserving of the 2024 MPA Principal's Award title but also destined for great things. Congratulations, Trip, on this well-deserved honor!". 

As a token of this honor, Trip Marston and Assistant Principal Halima Noor, alongside other distinguished award recipients, attended a luncheon, where they were celebrated and presented with individual plaques. Moreover, ten $1,000 scholarships, bearing the names of former Maine principals and MPA Executive Directors, were awarded. The Principal’s Award, presented in over 100 Maine public and private high schools, stands as a testament to Trip’s exemplary character and his promising future ahead. Congratulations, Trip, on this well-deserved honor! #MPAPrincipalsAward #DeeringHighSchool #CongratulationsTrip