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Deering High School's End-of-Year Celebration: A Celebration of Diversity

Deering High School's Culture Day has quickly become a cherished tradition, marking the culmination of the academic year with a vibrant celebration of diversity. This student-led initiative, fostered by the student government and faculty advisors, celebrates the  spirit of inclusivity and intercultural understanding within the school community, as we are aptly nicknamed the "Ramily."

The day provided a platform for students and staff to showcase their cultural heritage through various engaging activities. The art room becomes a space for artistic expression, offering face painting and henna designs under the guidance of students like Abshiro and Zahra, alongside faculty members Ms. Carlisle and Ms. Parker. Likewise, Ms. Benson's room transformed into a barbershop, with students like Miles, Raf, Tian, and Mogga volunteering their skills.

Athletic pursuits also found a place in the festivities. Students like Santino collaborated with faculty members Mr. Foley and Mr. Scully to host American football games, while Cristiano and Afonso led soccer matches.

Written diversity was celebrated in the library, where students and staff, guided by Charlene, Zoe, Ms. Shoemaker, Ms. Moran, Mr. Ibrhaim, and Mr. Kanamugire explored various languages spoken within the school community and learned how to write greetings or phrases.

Deering High School takes immense pride in its diverse student body. This vibrant mix of cultures comes alive each year at the end-of-year celebration: Culture Day!