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Deering High Debates AI: Spotting the Bots & Sunny Discussions on Future Tech

Ms. Kristin Leffler, a fantastic teacher at Deering High School, recently shared a unique learning experience with her Global Issues class. Wanting to spark a discussion about Artificial Intelligence (AI), Ms. Leffler presented her students with a challenge...

“My Global Issues class is learning about the opportunities and risks related to Artificial Intelligence around the world. Today, I gave them two paragraphs to read--one was written by me and one was written by ChatGPT. They had to figure out which was which and back it up with evidence. It opened up an interesting discussion about how AI can be used as a tool to help us learn, how it should be regulated, and what limitations these AI systems have. It felt especially nice to have this technological talk outside in the sun!” Ms. Kristin Leffler, Deering High school teacher.