World Languages
Did you know...

...that completion of 4 years or more of world language studies is one of the best predictors of college success?

...most colleges look for a minimum of 2 years of world language study in high school?

 ...that studying a second language can improve your grades in math and English and can improve your SAT and ACT scores?

 ...that studying world languages at Deering High school can help you achieve your future dreams?

 We believe that....
  • All students can learn another language.
  • Learning takes place in a variety of settings and styles.
  • A proficiency-based approach leads to competence.
  • A substantial body of research supports the benefits of starting second language acquisition as early as possible.
  • A long sequenced, articulated program of study results in higher levels of proficiency.
  • Learning a language fosters a sense of global citizenship and humanity along with an increasing understanding and sensitivity to other languages and cultures.
  • Second language learning provides insights into one's first language.
  • Proficiency in a second language is an asset in many careers and for professional advancement.
  • Learning another language facilitates the learning of additional languages and helps the brain make connections in other disciplines.