The purpose of English language development (ELD) at Portland Public Schools is to advance English Learners’ (ELs) language development and promote their academic achievement by integrating both language and content standards. ELD programming provides language instruction in listening, speaking, reading, and writing, and prepares students for general education by focusing on the social and academic language required across disciplines leading to a proficiency-based diploma. Placement and the curriculum is aligned to WIDA’s English Language Development Standards, which capitalizes and builds upon the assets students bring to their learning: their cultural and linguistic practices, skills, and ways of knowing from their homes and communities. 

All ELD courses prepare students for proficiency-based graduation requirements by focusing on :

  • Supporting development of academic language proficiency through speaking and listening.
  • Supporting development of academic language proficiency through attention to syntax and academic vocabulary in complex text and speech.
  • Ensuring that students have opportunities to grow academic vocabulary through word study, close reading, and a volume of reading.
  • Providing opportunities for students to read complex text closely and analytically on a regular basis, gradually developing students’ ability to learn from complex text independently.
  • Increasing the volume and range of reading and address fluency for those students who need it.
  • Helping students use evidence to inform, argue, and analyze (write and speak with support from sources).
  • Providing regular opportunities for short, focused research.


The ELD program at Deering includes these courses:

  • EL Academy
  • English 1 for EL's
  • EL Odyssey for Social Studies and Science
  • English 2 for ELs
  • EL Global Issues
  • English 3 for EL's