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Deering High School Choral Program


Welcome to the Deering Choral Program’s musical family and the tradition of choral excellence at Deering. It is an honor and a privilege to work with you this year.  Many of you are aware of the fine music tradition that exists here at Deering.  We are committed to a high quality choral program as well as increasing the membership and excitement surrounding the Deering music program.  I am very pleased to be a part of this program.


When you make music in our ensembles, you will find yourself challenged on many levels-intellectually, emotionally, physically and musically, as you strive to recreate great works of art.  Each year, the vocal ensemble performs repertoire that is both stylistically varied and of high musical quality.  In return I ask that you work as diligently as possible during rehearsals to learn your parts, develop your voice, blend within your section, pay close attention to your conductor, and sing concerts that are musically sound and aesthetically pleasing.  It is your hard work that will make it an excellent year!


Students who are entering the music program for the first time should be aware that being a member of the Deering Chorus is different from being in any other class.  We perform!  That being the case, your work is evaluated on several levels—daily process (music literacy/rehearsal), and finished product (performance).  Your grade for the Deering Chorus is an earned one.  It will be based on the contribution you make to the success of the ensemble.    Also, please remember that your grade will be based on your contribution, your attendance in class and at concerts, and how hard you are willing to work for the excellence of our organization.  


During rehearsals, students are asked to concentrate on greater refinement of previously acquired choral skills.  These skills include diction, articulation, dynamics, octavo reading and producing a beautiful tone.  Emphasis on part singing and sight-reading are also part of this class.  A great deal of class time is spent on vocal and musical techniques as well as performance standards.  A variety of literature in multiple languages, genres and styles will be chosen at the conductor’s discretion, commensurate with the group’s ability.


Many of the students who become involved in the choral program remain for their entire high school careers, primarily because being in a choral group is like being part of an extended family, as there is a special bond that is created among people who make music together.  


I look forward to creating beautiful sound with you!


Dr. Peter Stickney





Chorus----Winn chorus is held on Monday and Thursday.  Students interested in singing and using their voices and are unable to fit chorus into their schedule are welcome to attend one or both days.  Please see Dr. Stickney and he will get you the materials you need.  Students in Winn Choir are eligible to audition for District 2 events and participate in the All-State Process. 

      Upcoming Performances---

American Choral Directors Festival—Thursday November 8, Entire Day-South Portland.     And Winter Concert December 13, 2018  6:30 Deering Auditorium



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