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Profile of a Deering High School

The goal of Deering High School is that every student who graduates possesses the knowledge, skills, and habits of mind necessary to succeed and contribute in the 21st century global environment. It is a goal for each and every Deering student; our mission is excellence and equity in the global era. The following is a profile of the attributes we strive to develop in each Deering graduate.

Deering graduates are Ready for College. They:

• Earn a high school diploma by completing a college-preparatory, globally focused course of study requiring the demonstration of college level work across the curriculum.
• Have the experience of achieving expertise by researching, understanding, and developing new knowledge about world culture or globally relevant issues.
• Learn how to manage their own learning by identifying options, evaluating opportunities, and organizing educational experiences that will enable them to work and live in a global society.
• Graduate with all options open for post-secondary education, work and service.

Deering graduates have the Knowledge Required in the Global Era. They understand:

• Mathematics as a universal way to make sense of the world, solve complex, authentic problems, and communicate their understandings using the symbols, language, and conventions of mathematics.
• Critical scientific concepts, engage in scientific reasoning, and apply the processes of scientific inquiry to understand the world and explore possible solutions to global problems.
• How the geography of natural and man-made phenomena influences cultural development as well as historical and contemporary world events.
• The history of major world events and cultures and utilize this understanding to analyze and interpret contemporary world issues.
• Arts and literature and use them as lenses through which to view nature, society, and culture as well as to express ideas and emotions.

Deering graduates are Skilled for Success in a Global Environment. They:

•Are “literate for the 21st century” – proficient in reading, writing, viewing,
listening, and speaking in English and in other world languages.
•Demonstrate creative and complex thinking and problem solving skills by analyzing and producing viable solutions to problems with no known or single right answer.
•Use digital media and technology to access and evaluate information from around the world and effectively communicate, synthesize, and create new knowledge.
•Make healthy decisions that enhance their physical, mental, and emotional well- being.

Deering graduates are Connected to the World. They:

•Effectively collaborate with individuals from different cultural backgrounds and seek out
opportunities for intercultural teamwork.
•Analyze and evaluate global issues from multiple perspectives.
•Understand how the world’s people and institutions are interconnected and how critical international economic, political, technological, environmental, and social systems operate interdependently across nations and regions.
•Accept responsibilities of global citizenship and make ethical decisions and responsible choices that contribute to the development of a more just, peaceful, and sustainable world.

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