Seal's Fit
SealsFit is a partnership between the Maine Leadership Institute and the Portland Police Department.  This fall session is our 12th group and the dates are Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sept 18, through November 3rd and we have space for applicants. This program is free to the participants and includes a full set of workout warmups and running shoes.
The program is designed to teach our youth about mental toughness, perseverance, the value of diversity, teamwork, and many other valuable leadership skills.  Members of the Portland PD serve as program mentors as they participate in every facet of the program, as though they are students themselves.
SealsFit is great for ANY student.  Applicants do not need to be athletic in order to participate in the fitness aspects.  Mike tailor's the program to meet the participant where they are physically.  In addition, applicants do not need to be interested in a career in military or law enforcement.  Any student interested in improving their own fitness level, leadership skills or who would benefit from civilian interaction with local law enforcement would benefit from the program.
Applications can be emailed, snail mailed, or given to Officer Black.  Don't hesitate to ask me or Steve Black if you have any questions.