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Student Athletes must have proof of a physical no more than 2 years old & register with Family ID before preseason starts.

Spring Schedules 

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Practice Schedule
Week of May 8th

MON 8th:

SB vs Windham V 430 JV 630 - Payson Park

GTennis vs Westbrook 330 - DHS Courts

BTennis @ Westbrook - Bus leaves DHS 2:50 - no early dismiss




TUE 9th -

BLAX vs Scarb  V 400 JV 530 Memorial –

GLAX @ Massa JV 415 V 600 - Bus leaves at 2:00 Dismiss @ 1:40
B TENNIS @ Massa   Bus leaves @ 2:00  Dismiss @ 1:40

Boys & Girls Track @ Marshwood - 2 buses - 1:45 - Class dismissal at 1:25 please


Baseball & Softball on the SAME BUS 1:45 - Dismiss @ 1:25


WED 10th

SB @ Portland JV 500  VAR  700 - Payson Park - no early dismiss - NO BUS Self travel



BB vs Westbrook JV 400 Harlow - VAR 700 Hadlock

BTennis vs Biddo 400 DHS Courts


GLAX @ Windham JV 430 V 600 - Bus leaves at 300 - no early dismiss


SB & G Tennis ARE ON THE SAME BUS - Bus leaves at 2:30 - Bus will stop at Casco Bay and pick up those players at 2:00 - DHS class dismissal at 2:15


FRI 12th - This is GRADE CHECK FRIDAY - reports will be run at 9am  

GTennis vs Sanford 400

BTennis @ Sanford 400 - Bus leaves at 215 - Class dismissal at 2:00



SAT 13th

BB @ Chev  11:00am V  11:00am JV - NO bus self transport

G and B Tennis Singles - no bus self transport

BLAX @ Oak Hill  930 JV  1100 V - Bus leaves at 7:15am



You will find Co-Curricular Handbook under Related Documents



  You can find a list of Sports offered at Deering under related documents

Emails for  Deering Spring Coaches:

Aimee Burgos Girls Lacrosse
Kevin Campbell Girls Outdoor Track
John Coyne Softball
Stephanie Doane Girls Tennis
Jon Dubois Boys Lacrosse
Regina Morton Boys Tennis
Gerry Myatt Boys Outdoor Track
Josh Stowell Baseball


Teacher Grade Updates Eligibility ON
Grade Check
August n/a 19th 4th Q Final
September 2nd 16th 30th 16th
October 14th 28th 14th
November 11th 25th 11th
December 9th 23rd 16th ******
January 6th 20th 6th
February 3rd 17th 3rd
March 3rd 17th 31st 17th
April 14th 28th 14th
May 12th 26th 12th
June 9th 23rd 9th
Fall Season August 15-November 7
First Quarter August 31 - November 4
Winter Season November 21 - February 25
Second Quarter November7 -January 20
Spring Season
Third Quarter Jan 23 - March 31
Fourth Quarter April 3 - Jun

Athletic Director:   Mel Craig

Admin. Assistant: Gloria Miller

Athletic Trainer:    Greg Tosi