Faces of Deering
The Faces of Deering Project
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The Faces of Deering Project

Purpose:  Deering has a vibrant and diverse school community.  Not often enough do we have the time to hear from one another about our experiences.  The Faces of Deering Project encourages us to communicate our true selves with an authentic audience and have others learn from our perspectives.

Format:  A student, parent, or staff member volunteers to give a speech about their experience.  A staff member will act as an advisor to help the volunteer with their speech and assist in the presentation.  Volunteers will present during WINN time to an audience that chooses to sign up.  There will be a question and answer segment after a short speech or presentation.  

How To Get Involved:  There is a short application to fill out if you would like to be a volunteer presenter. To access the application:

Please contact Melissa McStay  if you are interested in participating.