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   ELD Programming Volunteer with Make it Happen!
Translation site ACCESS/ WIDA LINKS
Link to translated ACCESS reports
 Link to research
Link to 'Gear Up' program for college
Ms. Dodson's website  MET Form

 Supporting Level 5s

 Writing samples/ rubric

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Teacher                       Email                     MET Grade Level
 Contance Daigle  daiglc@portlandschools.org  12
 Anne Dixon  dixona@portlandschools.org Monitor
Brenda Gushee
 gusheb@portlandschools.org  10
 Erika Schneider  schnee@portlandschools.org  9
 Wendy Toole  toolew@portlandschools.org  
 Bruno Yomoah  yomoab@portlandschools.org  11