Band & Jazz Band

Dr. Stickney's Music Acknowledgement

Band Outline 


Band and Jazz Band are both academic classes that happen to share some time-and literature. The curriculum and instructional practices are derived from the Maine Music Educators Association and Portland Public Schools’ Learning Results and Learner Expectations, and guidelines from Nafme—(National Association for Music Education)- In addition, the curriculum is reflective of Proficiency Based Learning, and the Common Core Standards, and integrates repertory representative of grades 9 through 12.

Participants receive a grade for successfully completing the course. Students will study, explore and perform music from a range of historic periods covering a broad range of music’s global styles and characteristics. Students will develop and improve musicianship and technique through sight-reading, small ensemble, sectionals, and
prepared compositions for performance. In addition, music technology, music theory, and music history are incorporated as they relate to the repertoire. The repertoire at the AP/College music level will include an audition process and participation in our District 2 and State festivals.

This class requires afterschool performances and practices at the high school level. Students enrolled in Band and Jazz Band must attend all scheduled evening performances.